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What do I need to start a video ad? It's a good question! We try to respond to your questions in this series of articles that you will find in this section.

Want you see your services on TV or publish a promotional video on your website? ID4 can help you with all your video needs.

The narration is the human voice (or not), which describes the history of video and provided information to the public, especially on the graphic video.

Writing a neat and interesting narrative is critical to the success of your video. If you don't start with well-written texts the end result is always the same: flat and uninteresting, regardless of how the narrator does its job. The narrative does more than display text to the audience; it can tell the viewer what to look for, or sum up the video in a few words.

Make sure that the narration matches the tone of your project: If your advertising is aimed at children, use younger voice, or if your ad is for seniors use seniors voices. Men and women can be used but also choose a person with the right accent when addressing a public in another language.

We have a database of professional narrators who know the tone for your videos, but you can also choose your own narrators, a person in your company, a personality, a family member, etc ... We will lead your readers to produce a quality video.

Can I use my video elsewhere?

When we deliver your product, you can use it wherever you want; in your business, on television, Facebook, YouTube, etc ...

We deliver the product in a format compatible with most media, but if you want to use in another format, we can make the transfer work, but costs will be charged. Be sure to add all desired options from the start.

Licenses, copyright and permissions

It is important to have all the licenses in hand when using music, soundtracks, images and portions of video that is not yours. There are not necessarily costs associated with these uses however. Sometimes artists agree that you use their works for free in exchange of visual recognition on your video. It is an agreement which is to the benefit of both parties!

If you use a land, a local, a car that doesn't belong to you, be sure to get all the usage rights because it can cause you to get sued. Be careful and do your job! The right of image of people, continues to grow since the appearance of social medias. It is a right acquired by any person on his image. This right allows primarily to the one whose image is used, to deny its distribution for a given situation and a given medium.

The reproduction of the image of a group, or a street scene, in a public place is permitted without the need to seek the consent of each person photographed. It is considered it does not violate privacy because the person in a public place has consented to be exposed to the eyes of others.

ID4 knows the procedure, and will guide you in case of doubt. Contact us!

What will it cost?

The budget is often the most important question to ask when seeking to acquire a promotional video for your business. Some aspects to consider in the design, including (but not all):

  • The filming,
  • Editing and graphic design,
  • The main actors, narrators and extras,
  • Administration costs (licenses, correspondence, script, meetings, broadcasts, travel, locations, etc.)

Each of these items generates costs and several peoples are assigned to each task.

It is impossible to put numbers without a preliminary meeting with the client. Our estimation service is free, contact us and make an appointment with our team. There is no obligation on your part and no disbursement shall be required, as long as a well established contract is not signed between the two parties.

  What is the duration of a promotional video or TV series?

Typically, the duration of a commercial advertisement is 30 seconds, but it can also be reduced to 15 seconds.

Then there is the corporate videos, they have a duration of 2, 3 or 4 minutes.

We also find the TV shows that last 1 hour.

Actors, extras or animation?

While you often get much better results if you have money to spend on hiring dancers or models, it is still possible to get people to work with you, even without money. It can be your family members, co-workers, employees, neighbors, etc ..

You can also make a public appeal asking for extras, but be prepared to be the judge of work and answer numerous calls, the public is generally very responsive to this kind of request. It may take you a lot of energy to find the rare jewels that will set the tone for your company or your products.

Be extras requires no special talent, no qualification or degree. Moreover, it is open to all, regardless of race, gender, age or physical.
You will need to obtain approval of the people who are filmed in a public place if the group is small. However, if you shoot a crowd, no authorization is required. Be sure to know when this applies.

ID4 has a database of extras and actors. If you can not take care of it yourself, or search for specific actors, we can get them for you. Call us.

Can we shoot the video everywhere?

If you have a business and want to make the exposure of your products, we can film your products in your business but also outside: on a beach, on a table, in a field, etc .... The location of your products is not a problem.

Selecting the location is a very important aspect in the development of a video. While nature film locations, outside, or during a “live event”, may abound in your head, in fact, they can be a costly reality, since it comes at the mercy of events. It is more difficult to control an external environment, than a plan filmed inside, where we can control lights for example. Of course, sometimes you do not need to have a filming location if your video is done from your own store or office, for example.

You must be 100% final on your script before selecting location. If you make changes on the fly which might require new scenes or settings, it can delay the shooting and most likely increase the final price.

At ID4, we work with our customers every step of the production process, including the discussion and the search for the perfect location. We can help you sort out the best approach for the location of your video.

Texts, compositions and script where to start?

The script of your video is as important as the quality of your products or services. If your products are good, but the description fails to give proper information about your products, your video might not have the desired impact. Use words and phrases known by the viewer or common terminology in the industry. If in doubt, limit the amount of technical terms to those easily understood by the average.

Learn about your audience: things that seem trivial in a culture, are red indicators in another.

Be impeccable in your spelling and translation. During the video creation, it is important to express a clear call to action at the end of the video. This could include information on where to buy your product, or to register online for more information or a catalog.

If you have an idea of ​​the text you want to add in your video, bring it with you, we can advise you to adjust properly. If you do not know where to start, we write the texts for all your video needs.