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ID4 can assist you in every milestone for your business, both at event level and also in crisis management. When one is too close to a situation, it may be difficult to keep an objective view. We offer highly personalized services that will blend in beautifully with your own efforts.

Our experts writing can also write, edit and enhance your funding applications, your reports and your presentations. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Request for proposal (RFP)

If you are in business or business couseling, you know all about requests for proposals (RFP). Some of them are clear, detailed, and provide the right kind of information to help you quickly write a good proposal. Others, not so much!

RFPs are a way for a company to seek external experts when they do not possess the qualifications required in-house. Hire an external consultant helps to add complementary skills to the business without keeping that person or expertise fulltime. These RFPs can also be a good way to acquire equipment at the best market prices.

We find these proposals on websites such as Merx, on provincial governments websites, Business opportunities Networks, Public Institutions, etc ... We can find some on the websites of certain big business, cities and villages but also by doing a search on the web.

When you respond to these RFPs, your answer is the face of your business to potential employees, it is important to write your response as good as your business is.

So what do you need to include if you want to write a good proposal or response to a proposal? We are able to help. We have quality people who know how to write a proposal and put you ahead of others in the competition. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Press conference

To succeed, the subject or event should be relevant or of interest to the public so the media (newspapers, TV, radio) are more likely to send reporters to cover it.

Good subjects include new product launches, store openings or announcements on significant job creation for example. But it can also just announced a new direction for your company, brand, or introduce a new company to the public.

You will need to schedule a press conference at least two weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to write a press release and determine the appropriate media contact.

Here is a small list of things to consider to help you start well your press conference:

  • Writing of the press release,
  • List of media contact,
  • Location where will run your press conference,
  • Podium with your company logo,
  • Long table and chairs (if more than one person speaking),
  • Seats for the expected number of participants,
  • Microphones, sound systems and lights,
  • Table set with drinks and snacks,
  • Promotional items of your company.

It is a good practice to send personal messages of thanks to media representatives covering your press conference the day after the event.

We can help you prepare your press conference, call us or contact us via our contact form.

Business Launch Party

New products or services?

Developing a new product of a new category is a formidable task, but to launch it when it is ready for the market may also be one of the most stressful times for a business owner.

Where your event will take place is one of the most important factors when planning: you want your guests to be able to easily get to your event. Choose a place that people know and easily found.

Synchronizing a launching time can make all the difference between success and failure. Keep up with the good and bad times of the year for the launch of your product. For example, the summer months are difficult because most people are on vacation. In addition, the type of product that you run will have an impact when released. The introduction of new toys or electronic items often coincides with the holiday season.

If your event targets consumers, consider giving them a discount on the item if they buy it at the event. With all the competition for consumer attention, you must do all you can to make your product unique.

Give them something

Provide a package to all your guests that has information about the new product or service. You can use your press kit.

Make them comfortable

Make sure there are enough chairs for all your guests. You want them to be as comfortable as possible to have a pleasant experience. Provide refreshments or hire a caterer for the event, depending on the time of day or length.

Call us today and we'll help make your business event a success without the hassle.

Crisis management

What happens if you are criticized for the same thing on all your social media at the same time? Can you address the situation? It will take you a long time to respond to all comments, criticisms, insults and accusations.

The first step in effective crisis management is to understand the threats and specific and unique risks to your organization. We can find among others::

  • Cyber Security (email, website, internal-external communication)
  • Supply chain (suppliers)
  • Leadership (Are your employees and executives competent?)
  • Data theft
  • Communications (newspapers, TV)
  • Social media (who manages your social media?)

We can help you select and implement tools for incident reporting, communicate with internal and external stakeholders and the collection and dissemination of information. With an understanding of our client, their culture and business environment, our consultants can begin to plan and implement crisis management system.

Contact us now to discuss your business crisis management plan.