How to correctly choose your domain name?

Now that you've determined the content of your website, you will need a website address.

What is a domain name exactly? It is simply a textual link to your site. It is as important as your business name.

A good way of choosing the address is to choose one that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

Here are some examples of good and not so good addresses
(Capital letters are only there to facilitate reading and should not be present in your domain name.)

Good addresses

Not so good

www.DupreShoes.NET (hard to remember) (hard to spell) (too long)


Avoid french accent and characters (ex: è é à)

Don't choose a domain name that contains acute accents or any other accent found in French or Spanish, because the corresponding character will be considered different. For example:

If you choose www.dupré and people type:, they won't reach your website, this is a different address. Accents are still very recent in internet addresses.

What should I take? .com? .ca? .net? .org?

.com, .net, .org and other suffixes are also known as top level domain (TPL). As we normally only see a few of them, there are hundreds of them - and maybe thousands soon.

But do not let yourself be seduced by some rarely seen domain extensions, in the last decade most of the website have been ending with .com. Around 50% of the websites present on Google are .com (for commercial).

We use .org when it's an organization, and a .ca to be easily found in the Canadian search results.

You want people to easily remember your website? Keep it simple, that's simple.

How to correctly choose your domain name?