What information are we going to find on your site?

We need to think about this, simply because it is important to decide the direction of your website. If you didn't already, take a look at the publication Why do I need a website?

When you will have decided if your website will be informative, commercial, artistic or something completely different, we will be able to decide what kind of texts you can produce.

In general, we find these pages on practically every websites

Welcome message

Who are you? A short resume of your services or products; generally one line. It is also that short resume that will be displayed during a Google search



Description of the enterprise - what you do, who do you serve, what are your services.

Enterprise History

How did you start - For how many years have you been in business.

How to join you

Phone number, fax, email, mailing address, street address and opening hours.

Your team

Employees and direction

Your social medias

If you have them; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc...

ID4Media can help you with your social media needs, we also offer the complete "No stress" service, which will keep your social medias up to date, call us now!

Images from your enterprise

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your company is worth even more. A minimum of 3 images of your enterprise is necessary.

Your brand image

Do you have a logo? A slogan? Business cards? If you do, bring them with you when you stop by at ID4Media, we will harmonize your website with your current products. If not, we can help you with that.

Of course, you have other information to put, it's YOUR website, but this list will help you begin.

What information are we going to find on your site?