Why do I need a website?

Before jumping into the adventure of having a website, you must first ask yourself this vital question: Do I really need a website?

At first, this question sounds a little negative, simply from the fact that it reveals the primary reason of that need. In fact, this initial question might make you dig a little deeper to find the true needs of your business. By answering that question, we can quickly establish the needs of the business and the orientation of the website.

Here are some answers from our clients that we gathered throughout time.

  • To sell my products,
  • For my clients to find me,
  • To show my work,
  • To communicate with the public,
  • To share my knowledge with the world.

Each of those reasons comes with a different website type.

Example :

  • To sell my products : This platform will have a basket and a Paypal account.
  • For my clients to find me : This website would be informative (Your services, opening hours ...)
  • To show my works : This platform will be high in colors and graphics with some photo galleries, videos and/or audios.
  • To communicate with the public : This site would most likely constitute of a live chat service, a questioning poll, newsletter, calendar, etc ...
  • To share my knowledge with the world : This website could be in the shape of a blog, web formation, analysis articles, etc ...

We can see that each answer we get, brings a new approach to the solution. This is why this question is vital in the process of having a website and should be the first question you ask yourself.

Think about it, and determine what would be the best decision for your company.

Why do I need a website?